37 Natural Eye Makeup Ideas For Brown Eyes

Matching your eye shadow to your eye color is able to look too monochromatic, so instead we’ve produced some hints to help your normal eye color stick out. Consider Your Eye Color before You Begin Once your eyes are prepared to be made up, you’ll need to choose ideal colours. If a brown smoky eye is your go-to, utilize an earth-tone palette that provides shades within the very same color family, and that means you can construct a stunning, gradated smoky eye easily. Continue Reading

38 Best Eye Makeup Ideas for Brown Eyes

Brown eyes are often underestimated, but the simple fact of the situation is they are gorgeous and have an immense quantity of potential in the locale of eye makeup! The choice of wearing eye makeup is just one of the blessings of being female. Therefore, the aforementioned measures and tips will certainly be of wonderful aid for applying eye makeup for brown eyes. Continue Reading